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      Debate on the current situation of the EU forests in the EP on 16th September 2019

      The European Parliament held a debate on the situation of the forest in Europe at its meeting in Strasbourg on 16 September. The speaking MEPs noted that in many EU Member States the status of forests is worrying due to floods, forest fires, storms, recurring drought and insect damages. This endangers the important functions of the forest for nature, humans and the climate.

      That is why every possible effort must be made to preserve and develop the forest in the EU. Although forest policy is the responsibility of the Member States, the EU can contribute to this, for example in the context of the GAP post 2020. Therefore, FECOF hopes that the Parliament will go beyond appeals and fine words in the form of effectively supporting the forest owners in Europe in their enormous challenges of the current crisis management and the necessary adaption of their forests to climate change.

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