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The sustainable management of forest resource is based on the consideration of the multifonctionality of forests. The implementation of these principles requires the involvment of qualified forest staff over large forest areas, and primarily, a permanent exchange of experiences aiming at harmonizing the often conflicting interests of forest areas.

Forest municipalities meet these requirements thoroughly. They are the places of democratically-based debates aiming at defining silvicultural options that are respectful of the forest heritage. They also provide a real stewardship of the concerned areas, integrating the environmental, economic, social and cultural dimensions. All of these dimensions are acknowledged as necessary to a forest realy close to people.

Times, climate, change rapidly, and so do forests: the municipal ownership pattern is well adapted to go along with these changes valuating an employment and economic growth generating resource, without damaging in invaluable environment.

Dr. Christof BartschDr. Christof Bartsch, President FECOF

Mayor of Brilon